About the Artist

My artwork is inspired by world-wide travels; the wonders of nature; ancient civilizations; energy healing and mindfulness; and the collective, spiritual world.

I am an intuitive and actively study and practice meditation and energy modes such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Melchizedek Method. I love crystals and the energy they emit inspires my art.

My art features nature, places, and animals with symbolic and spiritual elements. My art is bright and joyful, and the colors, shapes, and lines convey deeper meanings. I play with a juxtaposition of fine detail versus open space. The lines in my work show the vibrational energies that we are unable to see with the eye but are present in everything.

My Mission

I want my art to inspire joy in people because thoughts create reality. Feeling happiness and joy for even a moment is positive therapy for mind and body.

Multimedia collage

  • Ancient Wisdom Tree (Methuselah Tree)

    Based on the Methuselah tree located in eastern California. The tree's name refers to the biblical patriarch Methuselah, who ostensibly lived to 969 years of age, thus becoming synonymous with longevity or old age in many European languages including English according to Wikipedia and their referenced sources. 

  • Fire Sky

    The sunset colors invoke feelings of passion, optimism, energy, joy. The sun projects white light which is offering illumination from spiritual guides and angelic beings.

  • Converging and Emerging Paths

    Life’s turns, twists, and intersections. The path(s) taken shapes one’s experiences and vision of life which include the perceived positive and negative aspects of life. All experiences are meant to teach us something and give us an opportunity to grow.